Thank you, gracias, thank you

Guys! Thanks so much for all of the well wishes. Things are indeed on the upswing already 🙂 “Trouble don’t last always..”

I’m headed out of town today, I’ll be gone for a week or so. I promise not to spend unduly and I promise to come back ready to put in the (PF) work.

Thanks again.


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Sorry all, anyone who may actually still be reading. I’ve had some relationship stuff going on that is taxing all of my energy..


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Getting things done!

Ok, so I’ve totally SLACKED on updating, but in good news, yesterday was an awesomely groundbreaking day for me. Drumroll please… I paid off my credit card with the highest interest rate! And when I say high, I mean HIGH. As in, over the past year or so, they’ve jacked it up to 30.24%. So yeah, I sent in a payment of $579.73, and that bad boy now happily sits at $0.

I didn’t stop there though, I also put $545.27 toward my card with the next highest interest rate, and its balance is now under half of its limit. Finally, I paid off my Target bill through my regular monthly payment, so that’s also at $0.

Total snowballed: $1,144.36

A great day indeed!

So, to recap, remember this atrocious list?

Card 1 – 30.24%
Card 2 – 29.99%
Card 3 – 23.99%
Card 4 – 23.15%
Card 5 – 22.80%
Card 6 – 21.21%
Card 7 – 20.24%
Card 8 – 18.24%
Card 9 – 18.00%
Card 10 – 14.99%
Card 11 – 13.90%
Card 12 – 9.90%

Slow-going, but going!

Also, my December spending was so bad, that I’m probably just going to wait until Feb. 1 to update my progress bars, to get a fresh start on where I actually am.


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Not so good, not so bad news

Not much in the way of progress, though well under my spending limits at least. I actually bought a new suitcase off of Ebay out of my allowance, and refused to let myself feel bad about it since it’s coming from money I’ve allotted to spend. If I’ve spent less on entertainment, seems fair that I should be able to buy that.

In other news, The Boy paid me back some money he owed me (we split certain Christmas presents and transportation costs) and so I was able to put a big chunk towards my American Express. Of course, this is just cleaning up the MESS I made over the holidays, so I don’t really consider it progress. I just worked up my budget for this coming paycheck, however, and it looks like I’ll be able to put a big hunk of money towards one of my cards.

I also have about $400 in random money in checks in my purse that I’ll be depositing today.

Getting back on track slowly but surely..

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Hello, 2008.

Guess who’s bizzack?! Guess who also made a mess of her finances during the holiday season. Seriously, a disaster. I was doing good for a bit, but my problem is, I’m simply not mentally strong enough to be in malls yet. I have serious impulse control issues, I should have done all my Christmas shopping from the safety of my computer. So, alas, I have nothing productive to report, outside of minimum payments towards credit cards, and I did some serious damage to “spare cash.” Serious as in all gone. *sigh*

What can you do but get back on the horse, right? Redoubling the efforts. I’m actually planning (hoping lol) to be a much better person overall in 2008, and my personal finance goals are right at the top of the list. I literally didn’t read any blogs while I was gone, so I’m still catching up on everyone else’s feeds and goals for the new year.

My most immediate goal is to pay off all of my credit cards. Period. Yes, I need a larger Emergency Fund (currently only $1,000). Yes, I need more retirement savings. Yes, I need to pay off my car. Yes, I need to pay off my student loan. But the credit cards MUST GO.

I had about $42 in my PayPal account from PayPerPost payouts, just put in for that to be transferred to my BoFA account, and I’ll pay that out on a card as soon as it hits.

I can do this, I know I can. And I will.

+++ In small good news, procrastinating on joining the gym paid off, as they’re waiving the enrollment fee for the entire month of January! Going to join today, and happy about saving that $50.


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A sighting

I forgot to mention, but if it’s not already obvious, I’m out of town for the holidays! Not doing much computer-ing at all. I’ll be back soon with goals and updates for the new year. Cheers!

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